Are you taking care of yourself?

Sometimes it is easy to take our emotional well-being forgranted. An important question to ask is: Am I putting in enough to give off my best in my personal and work life?

Here are ten ways to exercise self-care and take better care of you:   

  1. Self-care means knowing who you are and your limits. 
  2. Self-care means getting the sleep you need and knowing how to rest. 
  3. Self-care means making sure that you’re well fed.
  4. Self-care means finding a way to decompress throughout your day, not just when you leave work.
  5. Self-care means giving some thought to changing a difficult work situation. 
  6.  Self-care means taking time to get to know you better.  
  7.  Self-care means identifying what you enjoy doing and what’s fun for you and make a serious effort to integrate it into your day or, at the very least, your week. 
  8.  Self-care means knowing how to debrief from a day’s work.  
  9. Self-care means feeding your spiritual self.
  10. And finally, self-care means taking time to love yourself and appreciating that there’s only one you and you’re the expert on that.

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